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A starter account type suitable for anyone who wants to learn the basics of forex trading.
Minimum deposit: $150
Leverage(Cryptocurrency): 1:1
Leverage (all other assets): 1:100
Instant execution
Cryptocurrency and metals trading
Deposit insurance
Deposit protection
24/7 personal support
An optimal account with balanced trading conditions and an extended list of financial instruments.
Minimum deposit: $1.000
Leverage(Cryptocurrency): 1:1
Leverage (all other assets): 1:100
Instant execution
Cryptocurrency and metals trading
Deposit insurance
Deposit protection
24/7 personal support
Improved account type for experienced traders who trade financial markets with confidence.
Minimum deposit: $10.000
Leverage(Cryptocurrency): 1:1
Leverage (all other assets): 1:100
Instant execution
Cryptocurrency and metals trading
Deposit insurance
Deposit protection
24/7 personal support
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In this section you will find answers to the most common questions about our services and how we work. If you did not find the answer to your question, you can write to us by mail using the feedback form on the site.

In order to start working with FutrStocks, you should go through a simple registration procedure on our website. Next, you need to make your first deposit by selecting the appropriate section in your personal account, after which all investment work will be carried out by our company, and you, in turn, will receive daily income from this.

Of course, our project is not a win-win lottery. There is always risk in this business. But the risk should not only be justified, but also minimized. That's what we're aiming for, our business model. The risk minimization strategy includes several components at once:

First is a team of analysts who is in charge of the project and constantly works with risks of different levels: both short-term and long-term

Second - we have a separate investment strategy of 5 criteria, which involves minimizing risks;

Third – investment diversification. We clearly maintain a balance between short-term investments, which should bring profit in the near future, and long-term investments, which serve as the basis for stability and strategic development for us. Simply put, if we have financial difficulties with one startup, then we can compensate for this by profiting from others.

Fourth – the FutrStocks project is based on the personal investment of its owners, who are also the founders of the company. These funds represent 100% of FutrStocks' initial investments in startups, and according to company documents, the share of owners in operating investment activities should never be less than 51% of the total investments that the company can attract. Thus, the founders of our company are not only the guarantors of its activities, but also ensure the stability of settlements for investors, guaranteeing their own investments.

Fifth - we are constantly negotiating not only with new startups, but also with investment and venture funds, startup incubators and large companies showing an interest in IT. We involve them in cooperation at the level of financial support - loans, investments and in the possible future of ICO, IPO.

All this is also reflected in our business model and daily work. Follow the project and become our investor to see for yourself how everything works and that you can earn on future technologies today!

All funds in the personal account, the investor can withdraw in accordance with the personal transaction limit to their payment details. With FutrStocks, you can deposit or withdraw funds from your trading account easily and affordably, and most importantly, it will take a minimum of your time.

Profit from the investment is calculated daily. Processing of applications for withdrawal of funds is carried out for at least 5 minutes and no more than 24 hours. However, practice shows that the processing of the application takes only a couple of hours.

Forex does not belong to anyone in particular.

Forex is an interbank market where all transactions take place directly (or through brokers) between the seller and the buyer. Forex is not directly dependent on the government of any country and will exist as long as the current global banking system exists.

Yes, you can. When you create a new deposit, its amount is added to the total amount of all your deposits. In this case, the interest will be increased by the new amount. As a result, such an investment model will bring you even more profit

Yes, we do. The personal information of our investors is not transferred to third parties

If you couldn't find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you can contact our technical support team. All contact information is on the 'Contacts' page.