Variety of financial markets for online trading
Balanced trading conditions allow you to experience all the benefits of CFD trading with a reliable brokerage company. From the very beginning of trading, you will be able to benefit from such advantages as minimum spreads, accurate quotes, fast order execution times and much more.
All markets
Forex trading has an alternative name well known to all of us - Forex. Currency transactions are carried out in the foreign exchange market. You can earn on the difference in their quotes in real time, regardless of the market situation.
Precious metals
Millions of traders from all over the world trade precious metals on a daily basis. Don't stay away. Open an account and use the multifunctional terminal to trade CFDs on gold, silver and other metals.
Company shares
The stock market has already enriched over a thousand traders and investors. Now is the best time to start. With FutrStocks you can start trading stocks even with minimal starting capital.
Diversify your portfolio and trade commodities as needed. We are talking about such popular financial instruments as oil and gas. We offer optimal trading conditions for these products.
Stock Indices
Choose long-term or short-term stock index trades to increase your deposit. The stock market has unlimited possibilities for traders. Just imagine that you can predict and earn on the difference in the prices of shares combined in one or another index.
Cryptocurrencies are closer than you think! Open an account right now and start trading cryptocurrency in any direction. Use leverage, choose lot size and margin. All this allows you to increase your deposit in the active market of digital tokens.